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Aibecy Multi-Currency Cash Automatic Counter Counting Machine LCD Display with UV MG IR

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Desktop bill counter with value mix counting function features accurate and reliable money counting ability. If you chose MIX.C function, the machine will count all the currency and recognize denomination of the banknotes. If you chose AUTO.C function, the machine will count and recognize the denomination of first banknote, and other different banknotes will go to the reject pocket. Besides, the machine is with UV/ MG/ IR counterfeit detectors, if detecting a counterfeit, it will cease counting and a beeping alarm as well as red LCD display will show up.

Desktop bill counter with reliable, hassle-free and high-speed counting ability.
Compact and stylish design with large LCD display showing the operating information.
Supports value mix counting function, pressing REPORT to read the counting result.
With contact image sensor(CIS) inside, supports 3D detection.
Equipped with UV(ultraviolet) & MG(magnetic) & IR(Infrared Ray) counterfeit money detectors, accurate and precise.
Supports automatic or manual counting modes, pressing M./A. button to switch.
"ADD"function for accumulating total number of bills counting continuously, as they are added and processed through the hopper.
"BATCH"function for automatically stopping counting bills once a set target amount is achieved.
Supports counting speed adjustment via pressing the S/P button(800/1000/1200 notes per minute).
Suitable for currencies of more then 30 countries, such as euro, US dollar, AUD, pound, yen, ruble, etc.

Material: ABS
Counting Speed: 800 notes/ min or 1000 notes/ min or 1200 notes/ min
Size of Countable Notes: Minimum 11 * 6cm / 4.3 * 2.4in
                         Maximum 19 * 9cm / 7.5 * 3.5in
                         Thickness 0.08-0.12mm

Feed System: Roller Friction System
Hopper Capacity: Approx. 500 notes
Stack Capacity: Approx. 300 notes
Operating Temperature: 0℃-35℃
Storage Temperature: -10℃-60℃
Humidity: 20%-90%
Plug: EU AC 220V
Item Size: 22.5 * 27 * 24cm / 8.9 * 10.6 * 9.4in
Item Weight: 6kg / 13.2lb
Package Size: 33.5 * 35 * 31cm / 13.2 * 13.8 * 12.2in
Package Weight: 7.2kg / 15.9lb

Please read the user manual carefully before using the machine.

If you didn't find the currency of your country above, please contact our customer services to make sure that if this machine is suitable for you.

Package List:
1 * Currency Counter
1 * Power Cable(EU Plug)
1 * User Manual(English)
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